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NEW: Oris Divers Sixty-Five Silver - 2016/11/29 by Dale Vito

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Silver Dial
Oris Divers Sixty-Five Silver Dial


Earlier this month Oris introduced a new member in its successful Divers Sixty Five collection, sporting a silver dial with sunburst finish.

Oris Vintage Dive Watch Silver Dial
Oris Vintage Dive Watch Silver Dial


A couple of weeks ago I spend some time with Gijs van Hoorn of Oris the Netherlands and his private collection of vintage Oris watches. Among them was this little 1960’s divers watch with an unusual silver dial. And BOOM – like many other watches from Gijs collection, this one too served as the inspiration for a modern re-interpretation.

The latest member of Oris Divers Sixty-Five collection sports a silver dial. An unusual color for a dive watch (the Doxa Searambler comes to mind), the sunburst-finished dial sports over-sized indexes with a warm ‘vintage’ tone, like seen before on the blue and green variations.

The new Divers Sixty Five is available with a choice of straps. Click to be transported to the entries in our watch database for more information including prices.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five; silver dial, tropic strap

Oris Divers Sixty-Five; silver dial, vintage leather strap

Oris Divers Sixty-Five; silver dial, riveted bracelet

NEW: the surprising return of the IWC Portugieser Rattrapante 3712 - 2016/11/23 by Dale Vito

IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante 3712 - 2016 Boutique Editions
IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante 3712 – 2016 Boutique Editions


The end of 2016 marks the surprising return of the Portugieser Rattrapante in -for now- three different iterations. This watch, reference 3712, had been absent from the collection for some 10 years.

The IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante 3712 was introduced in 1995, accompanied by the less complicated -and highly popular- 3714 in 1998, and finally discontinued after the introduction of the Italian-market limited edition IW3712-14 in 2006. But this year IWC decided to bring this cult-classic C back to life with a series of limited editions dedicated to three of its European boutiques;

– The IW3712-15, a limited edition of 100 units in red gold, was created in honor of the Milan boutique. It features a blue dial with both a tachymeter and telemeter scale.

– The IW3712-16, a limited edition of 200 units in stainless steel, was created in honor of the Paris boutique. It features a grey / black dial.

– The IW3712-17, a limited edition of 200 units in stainless steel, was created in honor of the Munich boutique. It features a blue dial.

While at the time of writing this little update the -15 and -17 were already launched, details on the -16 are still a bit sketchy. I will update ASAP.

Add to this the new 3714-88 Bücherer and 3714-89 Seddiqi, and 2016 makes for quite a year for fans of the timeless Valjoux-based Portugiesers. Now how about a new 3705?


NEW: Tudor Pelagos LHD 25610tnl - 2016/11/17 by Dale Vito

Tudor Pelagos LHD
Tudor Pelagos LHD


After extensive teasing, Tudor just revealed the latest addition to its Pelagos collection: the Tudor Pelagos LHD,

The Tudor Pelagos LHD is a left-handed variation of the regular Tudor Pelagos, the titanium brother of the popular Black Bay. Once decisively modern, the Pelagos LHD now takes after its Heritage-line siblings, with beige Luminova and a subtle splash of red text.

Details on the Tudor Pelagos LHD can be found in our database. We will update with info on pricing as soon as possible.

Tudor Pelagos LHD
Tudor Pelagos LHD

Updated: Breitling Emergency II - 2016/10/15 by Dale Vito

Breitling Emergency II Overview
Breitling Emergency II Overview


For a watch touted as a Professional Instrument, the world of the Breitling Emergency is surprisingly colorful and diverse. I just updated our database with a number of rare and unusual variations.

The Breitling Emergency II was introduced in 2013 as a replaced of the original 1995-2012 Emergency watch. While I won’t go into too much detail in this post, it’s safe to say that it featured a few impressive (/shocking) updates in terms of technical specifications, size and price.

The professional specifications of the Emergency watch has never stopped Breitling from releasing some wild variations. Remember the white & yellow gold versions of the original Emergency? While Breitling has refrained from giving us a precious metal version of the II [thus far; and at over 140 gram without strap for the titanium version it might be for the better], they do have a few configurations that can be considered ‘out there’ – how about mother-of-pearl dials or black diamonds on your 51mm ‘Dual Frequency Locator Beacon’? Breitling has got you covered.

Just before posting this I realized I was missing the Bentayga Edition – #19 on my carefully laid out 6*3 grid… It’s not yet in our database as I have to check the reference number, but it will be added soon.

Our Breitling Emergency database can be accessed through the Breitling Professional family page or by searching ‘Emergency‘. Have fun!

NEW: Nomos Neomatik Nachtblau Collection - 2016/09/30 by Dale Vito

Nomos Neomatik Nachtblau
Nomos Neomatik Nachtblau


Nomos just introduced three new models sporting striking blue dials: the Minimatik Neomatik, the Metro Neomatik and the Tangente Neomatik ‘Nachtblau’.

Nomos Neomatik Nachtblau Collection
Nomos Neomatik Nachtblau Collection


Nomos introduced its Neomatik movement in 2015 in the Minimatik, Tangente and Metro models. The choice of dial was either silver or champagne. With the ‘nachtblau’ watches, Nomos has now added a third option – and IMHO it looks stunning. The dark blue tone gives these watches a whole different vibe- chic, mysterious, luxurious – without loosing any of the Nomos character [that I’ve come to love so much]. All three feature a neon orange seconds hand.

Details and prices in our database:

Updated: the reference 5960 - 2016/08/24 by Dale Vito

Patek Philippe 5960/1A-011
Patek Philippe 5960/1A-011


Today I updated our Patek Philippe 5960 database with the unique stainless steel 5960/1A-011.

The 5960/1A-011 is believed to be a piece unique created for Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the Thai billionaire and owner of Leicester City. Its chronograph hands are done in the colors of his Premier League football club, while the case back features an engraved image of a fox, the mascotte of the club.

More details in our Watchbase Patek Philippe 5960/1A-011 listing.

NEW: The mystery Planet Ocean Chronograph seen on the wrist of Michael Phelps at Rio 2016 - 2016/08/12 by Dale Vito

Michael Phelps & Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph - picture by Omega
Michael Phelps & Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph – picture by Omega


Hodinkee recently posted an article on Michael Phelps and Omega’s timing at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. To my surprise, the added promotional picture showed Phelps wearing a previously unknown variation of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph, sporting a black dial with lighter subdials.

Update: DEBUNKED?!

A jump over to the Omega website didn’t reveal anything – not a single word on this mysterious new Planet Ocean. Omega has a history of honoring its ambassadors’ achievements (remember the Speedmaster The Legend?) – could this be something similar? I hope we’ll find out soon, but for now the finer details are still in the dark,. Nonetheless, here’s our provisional image and corresponding database entry. I will edit these as soon as more information comes in and as always: don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any details!

Click for more details!

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph Michael Phelps
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph Michael Phelps


Update 13:59: it appears the photo is from an 2011 issue of Omega Lifetime.

NEW: Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Burning Skull - 2016/08/09 by Dale Vito

Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Burning Skull
Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Burning Skull


Amidst all the classic Patek Philippe & Audemars Piguet references added to our database, here’s something different: the 2016 Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Burning Skull.

The Bell & Ross BR 01 92 ‘Burning Skull’ was shown to dealers and journalist at BaselWorld 2016, but it was under embargo until recently. This new version of Bell & Ross’ iconic ‘Skull’ range features a micro-blasted stainless steel case with tattoo-style engraving on both the bezel as well as the sides. The engravings are hand-filled with black lacquer for optimal contrast. A limited edition of 500 pieces, the Bell & Ross BR 01 Burning Skull comes with both a brown alligator and a ‘ultra resistant’ black synthetic strap.

The Bell & Ross BR 01 Burning Skull is uploaded to our database including price, limited edition numbers and movement information.

Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Burning Skull
Bell & Ross BR 01 92 Burning Skull

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P-010 - 2016/08/05 by Dale Vito

Patek Philippe Nautilus Platinum 5711/1P-010
Patek Philippe Nautilus Platinum 5711/1P-010


The Patek Philippe Nautilus in platinum (reference 5711/1P-010) was added to our database today – including pricing information.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1P-010 is easily one of the most sought-after Patek Philippe’s, with only a handful said to be produced each year – only available to those with not only deep pockets, but also exceedingly strong connections with Patek Philippe our their local representatives. It is not listed on the Patek Philippe website nor is it listed in their catalogs, enhancing its elusive and mythical status among collectors.

Word on the 5711/1P-010 first appeared around mid-2013, with sources indicating that the first pieces were delivered around the end of 2012. The idea for a modern platinum Nautilus is said to have come from either Thierry Stern directly or -alternatively- from an anonymous buyer who ordered a batch, but ended up not taking them [all].

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711-1a-010 vs  5711-1p-010
Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1a-010 vs 5711/1p-010


Aside from its platinum case and bracelet, there are a few subtle differences in the dials when comparing the 5711/1P-010 with its stainless steel counterpart. The color is a more saturated blue and the date window is framed. The ‘Patek Philippe’ and ‘Geneve’ text are both done on a flat plane instead of over the regular striped pattern of the dial – the photo’s by WatchesBySJX illustrate this very well. In addendum to the words by SJX, I think it must be noted that the same is seen on the white dial 5711/1A-011 and other recent Nautilus’ like the 5980/1AR-001.

The price for a new 5711/1P-010 is what I believe to be the 2013 official list price. At the moment I do not have the prices for other years. The price for a used example is based on the example sold by Phillips in their Hong Kong Auction: ONE held December 1st 2015. Insane? You might want to consider a 1981 3700/1 in platinum brought CHF 783.750 at Christie’s May 13, 2013 Important Watches

NEW: IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante Boutique Milano - 2016/06/29 by Dale Vito

IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante Milano Boutique Limited Edition
IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante Milano Boutique Limited Edition


This afternoon IWC surprised many with the introduction of the IWC Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante IW371215 ‘Milano Boutique’, a limited edition of 100 pieces in honor of the Milan IWC Boutique.

The introduction of the Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante IW371215 marks the return of the 76240 movement, a hand-wound version of IWC’s famous split-seconds movement – it had been last used in the 2006 ‘Italia’ limited edition IW3712-14. The dial, featuring both a tachymeter as well as a telemeter scale, is inspired by the 2004 Barozzi IW3712-12 limited edition, which featured a similar design, though with the addition of the retailers logo.

The Portugieser Chrono-Rattrapante IW371215 features a closed case back engraved with 01/100 and the Milanese ‘Biscione‘.

More details in our database.

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