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Best of week 18: TAG Heuer, MB&F, price increases for Omega and Breitling! - 2019/05/04 by Dale Vito

Hi guys!

Missed last week’s post? I’m sorry! Between the days off for Easter and King’s Day there was so little left that it wasn’t really worth putting up a post for. But this week I’m back!

Both Breitling and Omega have increased their prices per May 1st. Omega’s latest price list has almost 1.200 unique references, whilst Breitling’s is 28 pages. Aside from updating prices on watches listed, this also allows me to make up our inventory and see what’s missing. Can you imagine the work? Most of the watches I’ve added are thus not new releases, but rather missing configurations of existing models.

TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph

I finally managed to add the TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph models – not sure why I hadn’t before? My fav is probably the black dial on leather. LINK!

MB&F Split Escapement Titanium / Green

Our MB&F database is a thing of beauty – if I may say so myself. I’m sure there’s some custom and unique pieces missing, but otherwise it’s fairly complete. The latest is the Split Escapement in titanium with a green back plate for the three ‘dials’. LINK!

Price increase: Omega Seamaster 300M

The Omega Seamaster 300M is a watch that was hit quite hard by Omega’s latest round of price increases. This went from EUR 4.500 to EUR 4.900. Ouch. LINK!

Price increase: Omega Speedmaster Professional

The Speedy Pro already enjoyed a price increase earlier this year. The 311., just to name one, went up from EUR 4.300 to EUR 4.600. That’s it? No. It is now EUR 4.700. LINK!

Price increase: Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41

Breitling too has increased their prices, although it’s mostly pre-2019 watches that have been affected. This Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 for example. LINK!

New: the 2017 TAG Heuer Autavia ‘Cup’ Heuer 02 - 2017/02/01 by Dale Vito

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 CBE2110.BA0687

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 CBE2110.BA0687


The result of the 2016 Autavia Cup, the Autavia Heuer 02 is set to become one of TAG Heuer’s hottest releases for 2017. It is now uploaded to our database with leather strap as well as on the bracelet – including prices in EURO.

In 2016 TAG Heuer organized the ‘Autavia Cup’, allowing fans of the brand to vote for their favorite source of inspiration for a reissue through a number of elimination rounds. The winner, announced in April of 2018, was a reference 2446 from the late 1960’s often nicknamed ‘Jochen Rindt’, featuring an inverted panda dial with 3 subdials, and a bezel inlay calibrated for 12 hours.

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 CBE2110.FC8226

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 CBE2110.FC8226


TAG Heuer went straight to work and was able to show a protoype during its November 2016 Collectors Summit, and a final production model during the 2017 SIHH Geneva Watch Week, where I finally had the chance to handle it. And I love it. It’s by no means a perfect replica, but much rather a modern interpretation of a classic whose star is on the rise, with decisively modern dimensions and a state-of-the-art movement.

I just uploaded it, both with the stunning bracelet as well as the leather strap, to our database – including prices in EURO, all sizes, and movement info. Check them out using the links below;

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 CBE2110.BA0687

TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 CBE2110.FC8226

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