Updated: Breitling Emergency II

October 15th, 2016 by Dale Vito
Breitling Emergency II Overview

Breitling Emergency II Overview


For a watch touted as a Professional Instrument, the world of the Breitling Emergency is surprisingly colorful and diverse. I just updated our database with a number of rare and unusual variations.

The Breitling Emergency II was introduced in 2013 as a replaced of the original 1995-2012 Emergency watch. While I won’t go into too much detail in this post, it’s safe to say that it featured a few impressive (/shocking) updates in terms of technical specifications, size and price.

The professional specifications of the Emergency watch has never stopped Breitling from releasing some wild variations. Remember the white & yellow gold versions of the original Emergency? While Breitling has refrained from giving us a precious metal version of the II [thus far; and at over 140 gram without strap for the titanium version it might be for the better], they do have a few configurations that can be considered ‘out there’ – how about mother-of-pearl dials or black diamonds on your 51mm ‘Dual Frequency Locator Beacon’? Breitling has got you covered.

Just before posting this I realized I was missing the Bentayga Edition – #19 on my carefully laid out 6*3 grid… It’s not yet in our database as I have to check the reference number, but it will be added soon.

Our Breitling Emergency database can be accessed through the Breitling Professional family page or by searching ‘Emergency‘. Have fun!

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