Rolex – current collection now on WatchBase including prices

December 29th, 2015 by Dale Vito
Rolex & WatchBase

Rolex & WatchBase


Last week I finished uploading the current Rolex collection on Watchbase – the models that are available through their own website that is. Including the vintage watches, our Rolex database currently stands at 504 tall, which will provide a good starting point for feature expansions.

While the entry-level watch is not always that exciting, with Rolex the Oyster Perpetual is actually worth a closer look – especially the striking new ’39’ in either Blue, Red Grape or Dark Rhodium. I will work on adding the infamous Day-Date II soon, but for now it must be said that the newer Day-Date 40 is such a stunner! I’ve uploaded over 20 different configurations but have yet to decide which one is my favorite… My hope for the future is that the smooth bezel will not be platinum-exclusive: doesn’t it looking stunning in rose and yellow gold too, especially with these Oyster bracelets? And psst.. those fancy stone dials fetching big sums in vintage references are still available today!

Last but not least: most watches in our Rolex database are uploaded with their current prices. Have fun browsing and let us know if you spot an error!

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