Breitling B50 Boutique Edition : Night Mission / Cobra Yellow.. and then some!

November 10th, 2015 by Dale Vito
Breitling B50 Night Mission Boutique Edition

Breitling B50 Night Mission Boutique Edition


Breitling quietly introduced two Limited Edition’s of its popular B50 with black titanium ‘Night Mission’ cases and ‘Cobra Yellow’ dials. And one of them -being part of the infamous Diamondworks program- is fully set. With black diamonds.

Notwitstanding the fact that a diamond-set titanium case is a very rare sight – and much more so a black-coated titanium case-, I think it’s safe to say that this one (ref. VB5010AU.I525.155S) represents an acquired taste. Its diamond-less brother (ref. VB50105T.I525.155S) on the other and looks rather smashing – a 30th Anniversary Aerospace on steroids. It’s limited to 100 pieces, only available at Breitling boutiques, so rush if you’re interested!

Find our more details of the Breitling B50 Night Mission Boutique Edition and the Breitling B50 Night Mission Diamondworks on WatchBase.

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