Panerai & the protective cover – our list so far

March 28th, 2015 by Dale Vito
Panerai Protective Cover / Sealand Models

Panerai Protective Cover / Sealand Models


Have you seen our work on the Panerai section yet? We’re busy uploading ALL references ever made, which should be done in a few weeks if all goes well.

Pictured above is a compilation of the models with protective cover over the sapphire – at least, the ones we’ve uploaded thus far. Most notably missing are the ‘Chinese’ models like the PAM 840 and 842, but otherwise, its fairly complete. Somewhat unusual, I quite like them – weird but wonderful.

The first one was the 2002 Luminor Blackseal PAM 76, a limited edition of 300 pieces. The same year the first Luminor Sealand for Purdey were released (100 pieces), with the PAM 152 Lion, the PAM 153 Bird, the PAM 154 Four Birds and the PAM 155 Flowers.

In 2004, a second series of Panerai for Purdey models was introduced. These included the PAM 813 Tiger, the PAM 814 Elephant and the PAM 815 Lion. In 2005 the PAM 216 Jules Verne was introduced, with a dial resembling the Submersible models hidden under a lid with Jules Verne engraving. The same year a third series of Purdey models was created, including the PAM 816 Lion, the PAM 817 Eagle and the PAM 818 Hawk.

In 2007 a final series of Purdey models was made. The PAM 831 featured a lion engraved to its cover, the PAM 832 had featured an elephant and the 833 last but not least found itself with a buffalo on the lid.

Take a look at their pages to see the dials – most of them feature a picture of the watches with the lid open.

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