This is WatchBase: the ultimate database for wristwatches and movements

March 1st, 2018 by Dale Vito

Press Release: This is WatchBase: the ultimate database for wristwatches and movements

Amsterdam, March 1st 2018 – WatchBase is an online database that offers detailed information on over 20.000+ unique high-end watches and 2.000+ movements, which is available to collectors, journalists and trade professionals on a clear and easy to navigate website.

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WatchBase: The Beginning
WatchBase was founded in 2015 by Alwin Hoogerdijk and Alon Ben Joseph in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Alwin has a background in database software, while Alon is a life-long professional in the jewelers trade. Between the two of them they noticed a lack of a proper database on their shared passion: high-end wristwatches.

Since I started working in eCommerce in 2007, I have been dreaming of building THE ultimate database for watches. After meeting Alwin, all the pieces fell into place. I got to work with a friend & fellow watch geek – one that is specialized in database software nonetheless” says Alon Ben Joseph.

Being a watch collector of mainly Speedmaster and Panerai Ferrari, WatchBase is the perfect way to apply my experience in database software on my favorite subject matter” adds Alwin Hoogerdijk.

While numerous efforts had been made before, none of them provided the user experience, quality of information, and quantity of watches that that they felt was needed.  Existing databases with a larger number of watches often featured just the bare essentials, offering little more than what’s available on the manufacturer’s websites. On the other hand, collectors and scholars had created highly detailed pages, yet these focused on one specific brand, series or even model only – and often lacked a proper technological frame. The WatchBase team set out to unite the best of both worlds by offering in-depth data on a wide range of watches via a dedicated, made-to-measure database structure. WatchBase is open, easy to navigate, and well-informed.

WatchBase: Today
After three years of painstaking work and research, WatchBase now features over 20.000 unique watches and over 2.000 unique movements from both current as well as past collections. New watches are added on a daily basis and existing entries are updated where needed.

A team of watch experts led by Dale Vito gathers information through all resources available and necessary, including manufacturers websites, catalogues, books and press releases. The collected data is edited to cut through the marketing speak, distilled to the essence, and enriched where needed. This information is then presented in a clear template that features as much detail as possible. So, ever wanted to know on which movement Breitling’s caliber B13 is based and which watches use this movement? What size strap fits a NOMOS Club 36? How many limited edition Speedmasters Omega has made? Which versions of the Lange 1 feature a blue dial? It’s all available on WatchBase.

WatchBase for Professionals
Data entry is a tedious and time-consuming job. With this in mind, WatchBase created the WatchBase Data Feed, which allows professionals like jewelers, appraisers, auctioneers and insurers to use the provided data for their own website, shop or app through an API feed.  This drastically reduces  the time and thus money spent on manually entering all details. More information is available on

WatchBase for Journalists
Information and data supplied in press releases is often vague, incomplete, and filled with hyperboles. Using  WatchBase journalists and bloggers can fact check their articles, see the larger picture, and put new releases in their historical context.  The search function is especially useful:

WatchBase for Manufacturers
In this digital age consumers are better informed than ever.  WatchBase thus invites those brands brave enough to share their data, and break the culture of secrecy that frustrates the advancement of knowledge among collectors. Your brand on WatchBase? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

WatchBase for Collectors
WatchBase features a dedicated section for collectors called MyWatchBase. Here users can keep track of their collection, favorites and wish list. Custom fields allow them to include private details such as when a watch was bought, for which price, and what accessories came with it. A Report missing watch button is integrated in case a watch is not yet in the database.  It is completely free of charge and available through

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