New: try our Datafeed API free for 30 days

April 20th, 2017 by Dale Vito

Currently, the WatchBase database spans some over 15.000 watches, 2120 movements, almost 150 brands, and a little over 550 families. New watches are uploaded on a daily basis, and existing entries are enriched and refined at an equal pace.

All this watch data is available through our DataFeed API, in either XML or JSON format, to be used for your website, online watch store, auction site, watch collecting app, etc…


NEW: as of today, you can try our Datafeed API free for 30 days, with $5 worth of data credits.

Pricing for the API is as follows:

  • US $50,- per month subscription fee for usage of the API
  • US $0.25 for each call to the Watch API call (for retrieving full watch details)
  • US $0.05 for each call to the Search API call
  • US $0.01 for all other API calls

Do you run a watch related site, shop or app and need detailed watch information?
Then sign up for our free Datafeed trial here.

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