Vacheron Constantin Métiers d'Art

Vacheron Constantin

When Vacheron Constantin institutionalised the Métiers d’Art collection in 2004 with the limited series of Tribute to the Great Explorers timepieces, it demonstrated its unshakeable will to perpetuate one of its core values: carrying on the traditions of craftsmanship found in fine watchmaking’s artistic trades.

So, for this initial collection, master watchmakers combined their talents with master enamellers – each working in their respective crafts as masters and lovers of their art – to combine ancient and modern techniques and give birth to watches that are exceptional for both their mechanics and their aesthetics. The patented movement combined an astonishing display of the time with a dial made even more beautiful by an ancient and complex art: grand feu enamelling.

On the same principle, the Masques series in the Métiers d’Art collection – the first set of which was presented in 2007 – also illustrated to perfection how skills and expertise can be combined. In this case, the skills and expertise were those of master watchmakers and master engravers, who worked hand in hand to create timepieces that were true invitations to travel through time and space in search of humanity’s roots, and to reflect upon one of the most beautiful expressions of its soul.

As witnessed here, the Métiers d'Art collection has since grown out to be become a wonderful displays for the various arts that constitute the art of horlogerie as a whole and the love of both watchmaking and decorative arts of Vacheron Constantin

85 Vacheron Constantin Métiers d'Art watches