Nomos Glashütte Zürich

Nomos Glashütte

If Zürich were a person, people would call him sophisticated and influential. Perhaps a globetrotter—and certainly cosmopolitan. Large and eye-catching, but neither threatening nor gaudy; of masculine beauty yet anything but pretentious. Instead, Zürich is smart and assertive, tolerant, and considerate. A solid watch that remains discreet, despite its size. A timepiece for open-minded people with a clear sense of reason: It reflects a love for logic and the art of engineering. You instantly realise that this watch knows its own mind. Without being stubborn.

All the forms in the case are generous, yet delicate and precise at the same time, created from simple individual shapes. The case holds the watches’ body like a diamond. By creating Zürich with its artful turns and stunning refractions, Glashütte pays tribute to the city of the same name. And it is a watch that deserves a second look. Things that appear simple at first inspection later reveal themselves to be highly complex—there is always something new to discover.

Zürich is a miniature work of art that tells the time for a lifetime—and even longer. It reveals only the best about its wearer, with or without a date indicator.

18 Nomos Glashütte Zürich watches

805 Zürich Weltzeit

805.S7 Zürich Weltzeit Red Dot Salmon

805.AWC Zürich Weltzeit Arab Watch Club

801 Zürich

806 Zürich

802 Zürich Datum

822 Zürich Blaugold

823 Zürich Braungold

803 Zürich Anthrazit

807 Zürich Weltzeit True Blue

804 Zürich Datum Anthrazit

805.S3 Zürich Weltzeit 5th Avenue

805.MA Zürich Weltzeit Manila

801.HW Zürich Hello Hannes

801.ZM Zurich 40 Jahre Zeit Magazin

805.TO Zürich Weltzeit Topper Edition

805.S6 Zürich Weltzeit Red Dot Silver

805.S21 Zürich Weltzeit Amsterdam