Nomos Glashütte Ahoi

Nomos Glashütte

Glashütte Ahoy! The dial is reminiscent of the classic Tangomat, but Ahoi is more recent—and more upbeat, sportier, and more modern than most other watches out there. With or without a(n extra-large) date indicator.

The new model’s aligned bezel, elegantly domed watch glass, and crown guard make for the perfect figure (on the beach). The combination of the sapphire crystal glass back, held firm with six screws, and the screw-down crown ensures that everything stays tightly sealed down to 20 bars, or 200 meters. This is because Ahoi is waterproof according to NOMOS’ exacting test standards, which are based on the DIN 8306 standard for diver’s watches.

A new waterproof watchstrap with the NOMOS winged clasp, designed especially for this watch, a small red second hand, and a dash of blue complete the watch. Superluminova makes Ahoi the perfect companion, even in the dark. And what about the movement? Time is kept either by the NOMOS Epsilon caliber (without the date) or the Zeta (with date). Both are built in-house by NOMOS and renowned for their accuracy and the performance of their mainsprings—thus ensuring the 40 mm diameter watch keeps reliably setting the pace.

18 Nomos Glashütte Ahoi watches

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563 Ahoi Neomatik Signal Red

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552.DZ Ahoi Atlantik ZEIT Sonderedition

550,DZ Ahoi ZEIT Sonderedition

551.S1 Ahoi Datum Chronometer WatchTime

555 Ahoi

564 Ahoi Neomatik Atlantik Siren White

561.S1 Ahoi Neomatik Atlantik Bucherer

552.S3 Ahoi Atlantik Bucherer

551.S2 Ahoi Datum Doctors without Borders Germany

560.S1 Ahoi Neomatik Doctors without Borders Germany