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Established: 2006

Zeitwinkel is a swiss wristwatch brand, founded by Ivica Maksimovic and Peter Nikolaus. The source for the conception of Zeitwinkel was the desire to create an authentic and high quality product that unites people with a similar outlook on life. Zeitwinkel has two families, the 39mm Midsize family and the 42,5mm Classic familiy. The latter is home to Zeitwinkel's flagship wristwatch.

http://www.zeitwinkel.ch Rue Pierre Jolissaint 35
2610 Saint Imier

Zeitwinkel watch families

28 Zeitwinkel watches in database

Zeitwinkel calibers

Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0102 CS

ZW0102 CS
Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0102 KS

ZW0102 KS
Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0103