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The Tudor trademark was registered in 1926 by the house of “Veuve de Philippe Hüther”, a watch dealer and maker. Hans Wilsdorf, founder of the Rolex watch company, acquired the exclusive usage rights. A decade later he took over the brand in its entirety. After the dark shadow of World War II was cast Mr. Wilsdorf knew the time had come to give the brand a proper identity of its own. Still, ... Rolex would guarantee the technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics as. Their logo on the cases, crowns and bracelets testified to this.

The following decades would see Tudor offer a wide range of timepieces that paired elegance and robustness with excellent value-for-money. Notable collections include the Submariner (since 1954) and the bold Oysterdate chronographs (since 1970). Starting from 1996 Tudor, at the tender age of 50, was ready to stand on its own feet and all references to Rolex were gradually removed from the watches.

In 2010 Tudor launched the Heritage Chronograph, a bold new take on a 1970’s classic. It garnered international appraise and introduced the brand to a new generation of collectors. The next step followed in 2012 with the Black Bay, a dive watch that blended various influences from the past into a modern classic. When an in-house movement was introduced in 2015 the deal was sealed. A new Tudor emerged. Bold, daring and cool.
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Tudor is part of the Rolex group.
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