TAG Heuer Carrera

TAG Heuer

The Carrera was originally launched in 1963. It was designed by Jack Heuer himself, who got the inspiration for the name in 1962 when talking to the parents of Mexican racing drivers known as 'the Rodriquez Brothers', who mentioned to him the grueling Carrera Panamericana Mexico race. While this race was cancelled off in 1955 due to the high number of accidents, the name nevertheless stuck with Jack Heuer and he registered the Heuer Carrera name for later use.

As stated in his autobiography 'The Times of my Life', Jack Heuer was a great admirer of modern design. When wrist chronographs began to become more and more popular, Jack noted that many of them had very busy dials that were at times hard to read. When creating the Carrera, he does sought to create a chronograph that was easy on the eyes and easily readable. A then new type of tension ring became of vital importance to the design: it allowed him to print scales on the ring that secured the plastic crystal to the case, making it possible to leave the dial as clean as possible.

In the next few decades, the Carrera would grow out to become one of the icons of the watchmaking world.

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