Speake-Marin Spirit watches

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The Speake-Marin spirit inhabits a masculine world inspired by the British Military. Spirit models are robust in construction - and attitude - and feature exceptional legibility, both day and night. Automatic winding and/ or long power reserves ensure there is enough energy on tap for even the most testing of conditions.

8 Speake-Marin Spirit watches

Speake-Marin Seafire (PIC.20003-61)

PIC.20003-61 Seafire
Speake-Marin Wing Commander (PIC.20002-51)

PIC.20002-51 Wing Commander
Speake-Marin Seafire (PIC.20003-63)

PIC.20003-63 Seafire
Speake-Marin Wing Commander (PIC.20002-54)

PIC.20002-54 Wing Commander
Speake-Marin Seafire (PIC.20003-62)

PIC.20003-62 Seafire
Speake-Marin Seafire (PIC.20003-64)

PIC.20003-64 Seafire
Speake-Marin Wing Commander (PIC.20002-52)

PIC.20002-52 Wing Commander
Speake-Marin Wing Commander (PIC.20002-53)

PIC.20002-53 Wing Commander