Nomos Glashütte Metro

Nomos Glashütte

This watch is designed for metropolitan types with an eye for aesthetics. Metro, created by the Berlin-based designer Mark Braun, combines the finest precision with clear elegance, is sophisticated and always aware of its roots: This timepiece may be utterly cosmopolitan, but is also Glashütte through and through. The exquisite NOMOS swing system is ticking away inside—the new in-house escapement, which caused a stir when it was launched this spring.

18 Nomos Glashütte Metro watches

1101 Metro

1106 Metro Neomatik

1108 Metro 38 Silver

1104 Metro Neomatik 1st Edition

1115 Metro Neomatik 39 Nachtblau

1113 Metro Neomatik 39

1180 Metro Neomatik 39 Rose Gold

1114 Metro Neomatik 39 Silvercut

1102 Metro 38 Datum

1111 Metro 38 Stadschwartz

1107 Metro Neomatik Champagner

1105 Metro Neomatik Champagner 1st Edition

1109 Metro 38 Silver / Steel Back

1112 Metro 38 Stadschwartz

1170 Metro 33 Rose Gold

1103 Metro 38 Datum Urban Grey

1110 Metro Neomatik Nachtblau

1165 Metro Neomatik Update