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Established: 1999

The F.P.Journe Manufacture was created relying on a unique principle: innovate and uphold, if not out-rival the high standards of Haute Horology. It makes a point of honor to design and manufacture its mechanical watches one by one and in small series. Constantly seeking perfection, the Manufacture is a world in itself, embodying excellence, know-how and innovation, values that are so dear to ... enthusiasts of outstanding watches. François-Paul Journe, master-watchmaker, made every effort to verticalize his production and thus offer timepieces with an authentic manufacture caliber.

But this success is the result of more than 30 years of research and outstanding watchmaking, as well as 13 years of efforts and daily tireless work to place his Haute Horology manufacture as benchmark among the most prestigious watch companies. In a historic building dating back from 1892, a sacred place of creation, the 2,000 sq m Geneva Manufacture is organised on three floors. Each year no more than 900 precision chronometers are manufactured here, with a team of specialized watchmakers and artisans, proud to work with a creator whose office is also his workbench.

This vision of watchmaking without the slightest compromise, that associates mechanical innovation and quest for precision while respecting tradition, gave birth to new mechanisms such as the Chronomètre à Résonance, the Sonnerie Souveraine, the Tourbillon Souverain with remontoire and dead-beat second or the ultra slim Répétition Souveraine. These pieces of watchmaking art earned F.P.Journe the world’s most prestigious horological awards.

Thus, the developments of François-Paul Journe, often called the Abraham-Louis Breguet of modern times, are tested one by one in order to check their reliability and are always elaborated through his care, with his magnifying glass on, tweezers, screwdriver and file in his hands. These inventions, with the label Invenit et Fecit engraved on the dials and 18K rose Gold movements – hallmark of authenticity and pledge of quality – remind of the importance of a caliber designed, constructed and assembled solely in the workshops of the Manufacture. As a matter of fact, in the 18th century this inscription used to be engraved on watches manufactured by prestigious French master-watchmakers upon their acceptance by the Royal Academy of Sciences.
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CH-1204 Geneva

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FP Journe calibers

FP Journe caliber 1300.3 NOD

1300.3 NOD
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 NOL

1300.3 NOL
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 OAL

1300.3 OAL
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 OAR

1300.3 OAR
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 OC

1300.3 OC
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 OD

1300.3 OD
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 OL

1300.3 OL
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 ORDM

1300.3 ORDM
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 OUTC

1300.3 OUTC
FP Journe caliber 1300.3 QP

1300.3 QP
FP Journe caliber 1304 CS

1304 CS
FP Journe caliber 1403 TS

1403 TS
FP Journe caliber 1408 RS

1408 RS
FP Journe caliber 1499.3 CAR

1499.3 CAR
FP Journe caliber 1505 SS

1505 SS
FP Journe caliber 1506 CS

1506 CS
FP Journe caliber 1510 CO

1510 CO