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Fiona Krüger is a young Scottish Designer with a passion for craftsmanship and a fascination with mechanical watch movements. She designs all her watches herself, drawing inspiration from the traditions and heritage of haute horlogerie, whilst bringing a new and more artistic approach thanks to her Fine Art background and design training.

Being an independent designer with an international
... upbringing has allowed Fiona to develop watches which are truly different without compromising on her design ideas.

Collaboration is key to Fiona's work - she believes finding the right people to create her timepieces is as important as the design itself.

Developing strong personal relationships is important to her - the better her suppliers understand the project and the more they care, the better the end result. Traditional skills and new technology are combined in the making of her watches - the machines help to ensure accuracy and technical requirements while the artisans bring soul to each design with their hand-work.

It's important to Fiona that her customers understand how their watch is made and by whom. This way they not only know what they are buying but can appreciate the skill involved in its production. She keeps her clients updated throughout the manufacturing of their piece with regular emails and photos.

Fiona visits the suppliers and artisans throughout the development and production of her pieces. It is through this on-going dialogue that Fiona ensures the highest quality for her watches.
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