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Established: 2009
Price range: € 265 - € 695

Founded in 2009 by Raphael Ickler, DEFAKTO is a brand with a clear mission. To create watches with a minimalist aesthetic that change how we interact with time.

DEFAKTO is manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany, by the Ickler family, who has been creating precision timepieces of high quality since 1924. The design of our watches recall the teachings of the Bauhaus while maintaining a strong
... contemporary aesthetic, for a timeless design. Since the beginning of 2013 the brand is based in Berlin with its new office at Brückenmeisterei, Seestraße 131, 13353 Berlin.

The original single hand automatic watch, the DEFAKTO EINS, achieved the DEFAKTO philosophy by motivating the user to accept telling time in larger intervals and at a slower pace, thus creating a more relaxed flow through the day.

Following the success of the one hand watch DEFAKTO EINS, the two handed wristwatch DEFAKTO AKKORD was released in 2011. This timepiece continues the graphic simplicity that is at the core of the puristic DEFAKTO watch design. Lines and rectangles of exacting proportions come together to create visual coherency, leading to an aesthetic that is distinct and versatile. If one hand is not enough, the DEFAKTO AKKORD can provide.

In 2012 the DEFAKTO DETAIL was born. This ultraflat 6.6 mm single hand watch has a more detailed scale, also showing the 5 minute phases. Looking to the dial of the watch all indexes have the same linewight and double their length according to the represented dimension of time in 5, 15 and 60 minute steps.

The brands three-hand watch - the DEFAKTO STRUKTUR - comes along with a characteristically scaled dial and the acclaimed ultra flat 6.6 mm stainless steel case. Due to its relation to the Detail one-hand watch the Struktur provides puristic lines and shapes for an modern yet classic minimal design.

Simple geometries and precise proportions make certain that our puristic watches will have a timeless appeal that you will enjoy as much today as in future.
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