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What is registered here as 'Chronomatic Group' is a consortium of four brands -Buren, Dubois-Depraz, Heuer and Breitling- that was created in an attempt to launch the first automatic chronograph; a project that would become known as 'Project 99' and that would lead to the Chronomatic family of calibers.

As Heuer -a noted chronograph and stopwatch specialist- noticed a drop of interest in
... non-automatic watches, the company started looking for a way to create an automatic chronograph. The most viable option would be to work with an existing automatic movement as a base, with an added module for the chronograph. A suitable movement was found in Buren's microrotor movement and Heuer asked Dubois-Depraz to build a module. However, the costs was to high for Heuer, which at the time was not a big company, leading to a partnership with Breitling. When Buren was sold to Hamilton, the American brand to got a part in the project, although only some 20% of the first generation of movements were allocated to them. Show more » Show less «


Chronomatic Group calibers

Chronomatic Group caliber Chronomatic 11

Chronomatic 11
Chronomatic Group caliber Chronomatic 12

Chronomatic 12
Chronomatic Group caliber Chronomatic 14

Chronomatic 14
Chronomatic Group caliber Chronomatic 15

Chronomatic 15