Chronomatic Group

What is registered here as 'Chronomatic Group' is a consortium of four brands -Buren, Dubois-Depraz, Heuer and Breitling- that was created in an attempt to launch the first automatic chronograph; a project that would become known as 'Project 99' and that would lead to the Chronomatic family of calibers.

As Heuer -a noted chronograph and stopwatch specialist- noticed a drop of interest in
... non-automatic watches, the company started looking for a way to create an automatic chronograph. The most viable option would be to work with an existing automatic movement as a base, with an added module for the chronograph. A suitable movement was found in Buren's microrotor movement and Heuer asked Dubois-Depraz to build a module. However, the costs was to high for Heuer, which at the time was not a big company, leading to a partnership with Breitling. When Buren was sold to Hamilton, the American brand to got a part in the project, although only some 20% of the first generation of movements were allocated to them. Show more » Show less «


Chronomatic Group calibers