Casio caliber 5081

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Display:Analog/ Digital
Date:Perpetual Calendar
Chronograph:Chronograph, Countdown
Hands:World Time

5081 description

Module 5081; rated accuracy +/- 15 seconds a month. Time available in 12-hour and 24-hour format. Calendar pre-programmed from 2000 to 2099. Countdown timer to be set in 1 second increments. World time function with 48 listed cities (29 time zones). Auto light switch function. Approximate battery life 2 years. Battery type CR 1220.

All watches using the Casio 5081 movement:

Casio GA-100-1A1 Black Black (GA-100-1A1)

GA-100-1A1 Casio GA-100-1A1 Black Black
Casio GA-100-1A2 Black Blue (GA-100-1A2)

GA-100-1A2 Casio GA-100-1A2 Black Blue
Casio GA-100-1A4 Black Red  (GA-100-1A4)

GA-100-1A4 Casio GA-100-1A4 Black Red
Casio GA-100A-7A White Ice (GA-100A-7A)

GA-100A-7A Casio GA-100A-7A White Ice
Casio GA-100A-9A Bumblebee (GA-100-A9)

GA-100-A9 Casio GA-100A-9A Bumblebee
Casio GA-100B-4A Red (GA-100B-4A)

GA-100B-4A Casio GA-100B-4A Red
Casio GA-100B-7A White Blue (GA-100B-7A)

GA-100B-7A Casio GA-100B-7A White Blue
Casio GA-100MC-1A Grey NATO (GA-100MC-1A)

GA-100MC-1A Casio GA-100MC-1A Grey NATO
Casio GA-100MC-1A4 Orange NATO (GA-100MC-1A4)

GA-100MC-1A4 Casio GA-100MC-1A4 Orange NATO
Casio GA-100C-1A3 Green Hands (GA-100C-1A3)

GA-100C-1A3 Casio GA-100C-1A3 Green Hands
Casio GA-100C-8A Blue Hands (GA-100C-8AER)

GA-100C-8AER Casio GA-100C-8A Blue Hands
Casio GA-110SL-4A Red Slash (GA-110SL-4A)

GA-110SL-4A Casio GA-110SL-4A Red Slash
Casio GA-110SL-3A Grey Slash (GA-110SL-3A)

GA-110SL-3A Casio GA-110SL-3A Grey Slash
Casio G-A110SL-8A Grey Slash (GA-110SL-8A)

GA-110SL-8A Casio G-A110SL-8A Grey Slash
Casio GA100-MB-1A Black Green (GA-100MB-1A)

GA-100MB-1A Casio GA100-MB-1A Black Green
Casio GA-100GD-9A Rose Gold (GA-100GD-9A)

GA-100GD-9A Casio GA-100GD-9A Rose Gold