Casio caliber 3230

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Date:Perpetual Calendar
Chronograph:Chronograph, Countdown

3230 description

Module 3230; rated accuracy +/- 15 seconds a month. Time available in 12-hour and 24-hour format. Calendar pre-programmed to 2099. Battery life ca. 2 years; battery CR2016.

All watches using the Casio 3230 movement:

Casio DW-6900CB-1 Black Gold (DW-6900CB-1)

DW-6900CB-1 Casio DW-6900CB-1 Black Gold
Casio DW-6900CB-2 Baby Blue Mirror (DW-6900CB-2)

DW-6900CB-2 Casio DW-6900CB-2 Baby Blue Mirror
Casio DW-6900CB-4 Red (DW-6900CB-4)

DW-6900CB-4 Casio DW-6900CB-4 Red
Casio DW-6900CB-8 Metallic Mirror (DW-6900CB-8)

DW-6900CB-8 Casio DW-6900CB-8 Metallic Mirror
Casio DW-6900CS-1 Zombie Killer (DW6900CS1ER)

DW6900CS1ER Casio DW-6900CS-1 Zombie Killer
Casio DW-6900CS-4 Pink & Silver (DW6900CS4ER)

DW6900CS4ER Casio DW-6900CS-4 Pink & Silver
Casio DW-6900CS-7 (DW-6900CS-7)

DW-6900CS-7 Casio DW-6900CS-7
Casio DW-6900E-1 Black & Blue (DW-6900E-1)

DW-6900E-1 Casio DW-6900E-1 Black & Blue
Casio DW-6900HM-1 Brushed Steel (DW-6900HM-1)

DW-6900HM-1 Casio DW-6900HM-1 Brushed Steel
Casio DW-6900HM-2 Navy Blue Brushed Steel (DW-6900HM-2)

DW-6900HM-2 Casio DW-6900HM-2 Navy Blue Brushed Steel
Casio DW-6900MR-1 (DW6900MR1ER)

DW6900MR1ER Casio DW-6900MR-1
Casio DW-6900MR-7 White Metallic (DW-6900MR-7)

DW-6900MR-7 Casio DW-6900MR-7 White Metallic
Casio DW-6900NB-1 Black Metallic (DW-6900NB-1)

DW-6900NB-1 Casio DW-6900NB-1 Black Metallic
Casio DW-6900NB-3 Lime Green (DW-6900NB-3)

DW-6900NB-3 Casio DW-6900NB-3 Lime Green
Casio DW-6900NB-7 (DW-6900NB-7)

DW-6900NB-7 Casio DW-6900NB-7
Casio DW-6900SB-2 Blue Mirror (DW-6900SB-2)

DW-6900SB-2 Casio DW-6900SB-2 Blue Mirror
Casio DW-6900SC-4 Orange Stars (DW-6900SC-4)

DW-6900SC-4 Casio DW-6900SC-4 Orange Stars
Casio DW-6900SB-9 Mango (DW-6900SB-9)

DW-6900SB-9 Casio DW-6900SB-9 Mango
Casio DW-6900SN-1 Black (DW-6900SN-1)

DW-6900SN-1 Casio DW-6900SN-1 Black
Casio DW-6900SN-3 Matte Turquoise (DW-6900SN-3)

DW-6900SN-3 Casio DW-6900SN-3 Matte Turquoise
Casio DW-6900SN-4 Bubble Gum Pink (DW-6900SN-4ER)

DW-6900SN-4ER Casio DW-6900SN-4 Bubble Gum Pink
Casio DW-6900SN-7 White Red (DW-6900SN-7ER)

DW-6900SN-7ER Casio DW-6900SN-7 White Red
Casio DW-6900WW-7 Basic White (DW-6900WW-7)

DW-6900WW-7 Casio DW-6900WW-7 Basic White
Casio DW-6900CR-3 Green Crocodile (DW-6900CR-3)

DW-6900CR-3 Casio DW-6900CR-3 Green Crocodile
Casio DW-6900CR-1 Black Crocodile (DW-6900CR-1)

DW-6900CR-1 Casio DW-6900CR-1 Black Crocodile
Casio DW-6900CR-7 White Crocodile (DW-6900CR-7)

DW-6900CR-7 Casio DW-6900CR-7 White Crocodile
Casio DW-6900DS-1 Black Diamond Pattern (DW-6900DS-1)

DW-6900DS-1 Casio DW-6900DS-1 Black Diamond Pattern
Casio DW-6900MF-1 Black Purple (DW-6900MF-1)

DW-6900MF-1 Casio DW-6900MF-1 Black Purple
Casio DW-6900MF-2 Grey Metallic (DW-6900MF-2)

DW-6900MF-2 Casio DW-6900MF-2 Grey Metallic
Casio DW-6900MF-4 Red Metallic (DW-6900MF-4)

DW-6900MF-4 Casio DW-6900MF-4 Red Metallic
Casio DW-6900PL-1 Polarized Gold (DW-6900PL-1)

DW-6900PL-1 Casio DW-6900PL-1 Polarized Gold
Casio DW-6900PL-7 Polarized White (DW-6900PL-7)

DW-6900PL-7 Casio DW-6900PL-7 Polarized White
Casio DW-6900AC-2 Red, White, Blue (DW-6900AC-2)

DW-6900AC-2 Casio DW-6900AC-2 Red, White, Blue
Casio DW-6900SG-2 Baby Blue (DW-6900SG-2)

DW-6900SG-2 Casio DW-6900SG-2 Baby Blue
Casio DW-6900SB-4 Burgundy (DW-6900SB-4)

DW-6900SB-4 Casio DW-6900SB-4 Burgundy
Casio DW-6900SC-8 Anthracite Stars (DW-6900SC-8ER)

DW-6900SC-8ER Casio DW-6900SC-8 Anthracite Stars
Casio DW-6900BR-5 Brown Gold (DW-6900BR-5)

DW-6900BR-5 Casio DW-6900BR-5 Brown Gold
Casio G-Shock DW-6900MT-7ER (DW6900MT7ER)

DW6900MT7ER Casio G-Shock DW-6900MT-7ER
Casio DW-6900NB-4 Purple (DW-6900NB-4)

DW-6900NB-4 Casio DW-6900NB-4 Purple
Casio DW-6900PL-4 Polarized Pink (DW-6900PL-4)

DW-6900PL-4 Casio DW-6900PL-4 Polarized Pink
Casio DW-6900PL-9ER Polarized Yellow (DW6900PL9ER)

DW6900PL9ER Casio DW-6900PL-9ER Polarized Yellow
Casio DW-6900SC-1ER Stars (DW-6900SC-1)

DW-6900SC-1 Casio DW-6900SC-1ER Stars
Casio DW-6900GD-9 Dark Gold (DW-6900GD-9)

DW-6900GD-9 Casio DW-6900GD-9 Dark Gold