Avoirdupois caliber AVDP.130.LB

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Avoirdupois caliber AVDP.130.LB

AVDP.130.LB description

Self-winding movement engineered and manufactured in Manhattan, USA.
The Force Majeure watch movement is made entirely in-house in Manhattan, New York. As for movement robustness, the engineering philosophy for the AVDP.130.LB is to create a movement with the fewest and most robust components as absolutely possible. E.g., the movement uses just two gears to go from minutes to hours. Sapphire spheres allow Avoirdupois to use the same single component and size up and down to any pinion, creating a 70% larger oil reserve and reduce friction at each bearing point by 50% compared to conventional Swiss jewel design. Hairspring is in-house. Main barrel orbits the perimeter of the movement with an integrated rehaut that slowly rotates as the barrel energy is consumed. The balance cock is sapphire with a Breguet-style parachute shock absorbing system to avoid importing and using KIF or Incabloc.

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